Pediatric Cardiology Intake Form

Dr. Fish has been a member of the Section of Pediatric Cardiology since 1986. Trained at Montefiore Hospital and at Yale New Haven Medical Center, Dr. Fish is board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Cardiology. He is proud to say he recently recertified for the next five years in spite of enjoying a permanent certificate due to a “Grandfather Clause”.

For each of the past ten years Castle and Connelly and many regional publications have recognized Dr. Fish as one of the Best Physicians in Westchester County and in the region.

As a Clinical Pediatric Cardiologist his special expertise includes noninvasive cardiology including Echocardiography, Fetal Echocardiography and the advanced field of Fetal Cardiology.

Dr. Fish enjoys collaborating with specialists in Obstetrics to exclude heart disease and also to evaluate fetuses with complex heart disease. Almost every fetus with a heart defect can have corrective surgery after birth. Prenatal diagnosis by fetal echocardiography improves the results by allowing the baby to be delivered in our tertiary hospital, The Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital. There the Neonatal ICU team and the Pediatric Cardiac Surgery team can be standing by to provide immediate care.

Dr. Fish is also an expert in evaluation and treatment of fetuses with arrhythmias. In cooperation with members of the Department of Obstetrics, he has treated many fetuses with arrhythmias by giving medication to the mother, often stabilizing the rhythm so delivery can occur without harm to the baby.

In the office, he is known for sitting and listening to each child and parent to understand the concern that prompted the referral. He is conservative about testing, but will be thorough to obtain a diagnosis. He will follow through and maintain communication with a family until all testing is completed and all the family’s questions can be answered.

Dr. Fish maintains office hours in our Westchester office and also in Poughkeepsie. He performs Fetal Echocardiograms in our Westchester office, in Poughkeepsie and in New Rochelle. For an appointment in any of our offices call our main number, (914) 594-4370 or (914) 493-8372 and press number one to reach a secretary who can arrange an appointment. Dr. Fish especially appreciates having pertinent records from your referring providers or doctors available during the visit.

Pastimes outside the office include mild hiking in the many wonderful parks and preserves around the region, movies and trying out restaurants found on web searches. In spring and summer you might see him heading out on his bicycle.