Dr. SanFilippo is the Dean of pediatric surgeons in the New York Metropolitan area with over 30 years of experience in the field of pediatric surgery. Educated locally at Iona Grammar School and Prep in New Rochelle, NY, he went on to College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts and then to Washington, DC for Medical School at Georgetown. He returned to the New York for his general surgical training at Bellevue Hospital/Cornell and North Shore University Hospital. Off to the Buffalo Children’s Hospital for a fellowship and then the US Navy at Great Lakes where he retired as full Commander in the US Navy.

Upon leaving the military he returned to Westchester County at the New York Medical College as Chief of Pediatric Surgery and at the then Grasslands Hospital where he was recruited to help develop a university center on the Valhalla campus and develop pediatric surgery for the region. While at the Medical Center he helped develop the transport system, the Pediatric Intensive care unit, the neonatal unit, and pediatric surgery as a university specialty. As a result of these efforts he helped changed the way children in the Mid Hudson Valley were treated which enabled the development of a hospital where children now have the availability of a world class children’s hospital.

In addition to this he has published many academic papers establishing the concept of splenic preservation, the possible cause of pyloric stenosis and helped establish the criteria for preoperative testing for surgery. He has lectured at each of the hospitals in the region multiple times and at hospitals thought the country, in Latin America, and in Europe,

In addition to his clinical activities he is on several board of trustees committed to long term health care and pregnant woman. Dr. SanFilippo has an active pediatric surgical practice with expertise and experience in surgeries of the newborn, the child, and the adolescent particularly newborn anomalies, tumors and trauma. He has and continues to serve all children regardless of their ability to pay.