Medical Assistant

Essential Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create a patient-centered environment
  • Prepare rooms for the day
  • Escort patients to room; prepare patients for examinations
  • Record height/weight (head circ if age appropriate) and blood pressure for well visit; chart
  • Ask parent or patient about chief complaint and document
  • Perform vision and hearing screening as necessary and document in chart according to standing protocols
  • Gather proper immunizations at well visits, document in chart, and gain consent from parents
  • Perform strep tests and flu test swabs, record results in the chart, and charge for the procedures
  • Perform fingerstick lead, hemoglobin, and cholesterol tests according to standing protocols, document results in chart, and bill for procedure
  • Perform venipuncture when requested by providers
  • Assist doctors as needed with sick visits, as well as well-child visits
  • Clean and restock rooms and equipment
  • Relay messages as may be required by physicians
  • Prepare for urine culture and analysis
  • Prepare for strep tests and all other laboratory tests
  • Assist doctor and nurses with procedures
  • Prepare instruments for sterilization
  • Record overnight culture results in chart
  • Check and chart temps in fridge and incubator
  • Record culture results in chart
  • Track lab results
  • Enter procedures done into the superbill
  • Reviews and downloads the CHADIS results and enters into chart
  • Print developmental sheets for failed milestones in CHADIS and leave in room for patient
  • Act as medical assistant for visiting subspecialists and perform diagnostic tests for them as required
  • Operate according to standard orders and standing protocols
  • Enter all charges into superbill
  • Provide care in a patient-centered manner
  • Attend medical home meetings
  • Participate in pre-visit planning
  • Demonstrate excellence in both internal and external customer service
  • Other duties as assigned

Location: White Plains, New York
Ref# Westchester Park