Jennifer Canter, MD, MPH Child Abuse Pediatrics

Dr. Jennifer Canter is a board-certified pediatrician with sub-specialty training in the field of Child Abuse Pediatrics. As director of all medical components of Child Abuse Pediatrics in the Valhalla campus of New York Medical College/Westchester Medical Center since 2002, Dr. Canter has evaluated over 7000 children and adolescents with concerns of physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and/or child fatalities.  Dr. Canter is an Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics at New York Medical College and oversees all Child Abuse Pediatrics related educational activities for medical, law enforcement, child protective services and community agencies within various Hudson Valley counties and for New York Medical College.

Dr. Canter serves on Westchester County’s child fatality review team and is actively involved in the review and analysis of every unexpected fatality in the county.  Dr. Canter is published and actively involved in research in various areas of Child Abuse Pediatrics. She is a well-rounded, well-regarded consultant and expert witness with extensive experience in criminal and family court proceedings across the country for sexual abuse, physical abuse and child fatality related cases.